Entity Framework - reattaching entity graphs (3)

by Rudi10. June 2009 22:42

I have updated the AttachObjectGraph code lately. It has been fixed to handle correctly - I hope - inheritance and recursivity in the entity model. I have also fixed an issue related to VB.NET compatibility (apparently, a Lambda expression is compiled differently from VB.NET as from C#).

Not only the code of the AttachObjectGraph method was fixed, I've also extended the sample to contain test methods of the different situations. Therefore, the model has been extended with a recursive element (nestable CatalogFolders), and inheritance (Customer and Supplier as subtype of Contact):

Updated AttachObjectGraph sample

Unfortunately, my account on CodeProject has been corrupted and my requests to fix this have remained unanswered. Therefore, the download and article content on CodeProject will not be updated. I really hope CodeProject will restore my account such that I can continue to provide updates there too.

AttachObjectGraph code + sample (v3)
CodeProjectAttachObjectGraphSample3.zip (44.11 kb)


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